Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Rewind Part 1

Friday was our stay at home date night. We ate wings and tenders from Slim Chickens and cuddled up watching You've Got Mail. It was cold outside which made it even better to be at home.

I was planning on running Saturday morning before we had to leave for the camping trip. I knew it had been cold so i figured i would wear a long sleeve shirt to run in. I woke up Saturday morning and thought, hmmmm I'll be really smart and just wear a t shirt with a long sleeve over it so i can be warm and take off the long sleeve when i get hot.


I checked the weather before heading out.......SO glad i did.

The temp was 31 degrees with a windchill of 24. 24 people!!!! that is below freezing!!!!!! I am still trying to thaw out.....

So i still wore my T/long sleeve combo with my running capris. I also (at the last second) grabbed some earmuffs. Those earmuffs were the difference between frostbite and just severe cold, let me tell ya.

Let's just say i NEVER got warm. My running capris are thin so even after running 6 miles, my legs felt frozen. When I showered, it felt like needles were jabbing me. I have never run in cold weather like that before.

I have no idea how the northerners do it. I was pretty miserable. I also had a lot of pain, not sure what that was from. But my right hip is just now recovering. I also had to relearn how to breathe, bc breathing thru my nose hurt too much in the cold air. am i making this too dramatic???  ehh.....

Long story short, i updated my Amazon list with tons of warm clothes for running. Speaking of Amazon.......Daniel's family is genius. We all set up Amazon Wish List's and add what  we want for Christmas/birthday. You can put anything from anywhere on it, so it makes it nice to have one central list for everyone to see and buy from. Emphasis on the buying part, ha!

sidenote: on the way home from the camping trip, we stopped at REI. For me and Daniel it's our little piece of heaven on earth. I could EASILY chunk a few hundred dollars at them without even blinking. but again... Dave Ramsey.

But I did end up getting a pair of REI running pants for cold weather. Thanks to saved up personal $ and partial anniversary gift by Daniel (our 1 year is this weekend. get excited). I can't wait to run in them. SOOO excited!!!!

stay tuned for part 2-the camping trip!!!!



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