Sunday, November 21, 2010

One year anniversary!!

Sunday, we slept in, got breakfast, then headed to the ZOO! I haven't been to the zoo in about 20+ years.

apparently the zoo is a confusing place for the both of us...

gotta love a senior photo moment!

hmmmm....not sure about this one?

yay for self timer!!

i loved this!!

yay for anniversary's!!

At the zoo, we rock climbed! Daniel has done it before but i never had, so i was WAY excited!!! But i got so nervous and was sweating profusely!!!! the whole time i was climbing, i kept yelling "is anyone else sweating?"

I was seriously drenched when we finished! but i did enjoy it. What freaked me out was getting down. The guy was like "ok, just let go and fall." ummm really?!?!?!?

The weather was SO nice while we were there. it was fun to just walk around and be outside.

After the zoo we shopped around at the mall then headed to dinner.

At dinner, we of course, got dessert and ate this yummy oreo pie cream thing that i almost let myself get sick over.


We slept in on Monday, had breakfast at Cracker Barrel then headed home. We were both not ready to go back to real life.

When we got home we ate our top layer of our wedding cake (cos we're traditional like that, ha!). It was surprisingly really good! We each ate a piece, i was shocked how well it held up.

That was our first anniversary!! Hopefully first of many!



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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Our 2 year was 11-22!! We did not have such a good experience with our cake!