Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's November!!!

(weekend post coming tomorrow)


I knew our November was going to be insane, and thought our October would be pretty laid back. But between having company 2 weekends, travelling 1, we only stayed home 1 weekend, which was this past one.

November contains.....a family camping trip, our first year anniversary, Ethan's birthday (trip to houston), Daniel's birthday, thanksgiving, and who knows what else!!!! It's going to be busy but i also took the entire week off of work for Thanksgiving, so that should help make up for it :)

Here are Grant & Ethan all excited about trick or treating!!


Apparently Ethan (youngest) really got into trick or treating so he started going up to other trick or treaters and anyone he ran into saying "trick or treat" and expecting candy. Because he is insanely adorable they gave him candy!! ha!

here they are carving pumpkins....Ethan is way into it!! My mom says he looks like me. I had blond hair till about age 6.

I ran for the first time since the half tonight. I need some motivation to run in cold weather. It was cold and windy tonight and i'm afraid when it gets really bad the lure of my blanket and warm sofa is going to overpower any desire to run :)

But I did run almost the whole time at an 'uncomfortable' pace, which let me shave off a few minutes of the 4 miler. that was nice. it was also the first time since about June that i ran and wasn't training for anything.

talk to ya'll tomorrow!!


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