Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend plans

I'm off to work in about an hour this morning. Daniel met a friend for breakfast so i have the house alone.....

I'm about to start sipping my coffee with Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer.....pure heaven i tell ya! I like to always stay with sugar-free or fat-free creamers, which the Pep Mocha is not....but i was raised that discrimination is wrong, so i will  fully embrace the sugar and fat in the creamer. it's the only right thing to do.

oh yeah, my weekend.....

Daniel and I are having a stay-at-home date tonight, compete with order in wings and a chick flick. We recently watched the Bourne movies, so it's my turn :) (actually i love the Bourne movies, love. them). I'm thinking we'll go for You've Got Mail or Duplex, which i reference FAR too often!

Then we'll get up tomorrow, i'm trying to get 5 miles in before we hit the road for Dallas. We're meeting these fine people:

(can you believe this girl has given birth to 2 children? yeah it's unfair...i'm sure i'll look like this too after having kids....)

and these lovebirds:

throw in these 2 kids:

and you get......................

The FIRST Annual Grant Family Camping Trip!!!!!!

All of us are meeting up to go camping, which will no doubt bring lots of funny moments and pictures. get excited. When I told Sarah we should've made T-shirts that said "Grant family camping trip,", she was like why Grant???

Only bc it's all of our names (maiden or current) and is what links us together.......

Emails have been flying with topics like:

are the hot dogs all white meat? (guess who is harping about that)

do we need TP? (my response is yes. the answer is always yes!)

what are you going to wear?

are the hot dogs pork free?

laura, what kind of hot dogs did you buy?

Sidenote: Daniel and i are the only ones sleeping in sleeping bags. Everyone else brought airmatresses and cushions. I'm determined to make everyone rough it as much as possible and get the TRUE camping experience. even if that means i hide the TP.



P.S. mouse infestation at work yesterday. totally brought back memories. ahhhhh life overseas!


  1. You better stay away from my T.P. So about the hotdogs... are they turkey or what? I got 8 hot dog and 8 hamburger buns, sound good? See ya tomorrow!

  2. Laughing at this post! And the hot dog drama! So funny -c