Wednesday, November 3, 2010

weekend rewind

Friday night we had 2 of our international students over. The theory was to introduce them to Nertz. We made queso and had salsa and halloween sugar cookies.

However, our students are pretty chatty (which i love!), so we just ended up talking around our dining room table for a couple of hours. The queso was delish!!! Daniel did a great job making it!

We hit the hay early (shocking i know) and i slept till 8 the next day!!!! i decided not to do a run at all. I needed to mentally take a break. I went into weird psycho girl this past week freaking out about weight, calories, running, etc....I was convinced that bc i wasn't running last week all of my weight was coming back. I have never been so consumed and i hated it.
And then i realized as i was sharing with a friend about it, that i hadn't had hardly time with God the week before bc i had been sick, which means i got up in the morning, got ready and laid in bed till i had to go to work.
It's amazing the difference of skipping a few days without my quiet time, and how quickly i'm open to attack.

So i took Saturday off to prove that i was okay without running for 1 week.

Saturday we ran errands and watched a movie at home.

Then we had dinner with friends Christian & Diane. You know how some friends just get you? These are them. They have a heart for overseas too, which is just an instant connection. I wish i had a pic....but i brought my camera and left my memory card at home.... LAME!!!!!

After dinner the 4 of us headed to the game!!!

It was the big OU first home game, i was sooooo excited!!!! These pics are taken from my phone:

the field:

anyways....we totally killed the other team and won 43-10! We actually left at the start of the 4th quarter, because it was already 11PM, need i say more? ha! We actually didn't get home till almost 1 am. We had great seats and great company-thanks C&D!!!!

Sunday, I was exhausted!!!! And i had breakfast for Sunday School, so i had to get up!

Went to church, napped, made chicken parm, then watched the Amazing Race with Daniel's family.

Tonight is TBL!!!!!! Game play is so annoying to me, just vote off the person who lost the least amount of weight or isn't working hard in the gym.

Also, tomorrow is our book study on Radical at church. Great book, i promise.

Also, it's cold up here. The wind chill was in the 30's when i went to work today. 30's people!!!!! not sure how running is going to look, ha!!!!

that's our weekend!!


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