Sunday, August 7, 2011

2 Months

Today we celebrate 2 months of living in East Asia.

It's been a ride already, and i know it's only the beginning.

If i'm going to be honest, it's been hard. Much much harder than i ever imagined or anticipated. Daniel and i had both lived overseas before and had relatively easy adjustments. We both weren't ready for the big changes that came into our lives so suddenly.

I've never moved overseas married. I didn't realize that moving on a semi-permenant basis would look so different than knowing a specific time frame, like i knew before.

In the last 2 months, we

- searched, found, and signed a 2 year contract on an apartment
- prepared the apartment to be lived in : paint, cleaning, bedding, misc. furniture,
- learned how to cook in a toaster oven (still a work in progress!)
-tried and failed miserably at making my own ricotta cheese
-rocked my own world with the amazing homemade crescent rolls i made
-completed 6 weeks of intensive language study
- faced with feelings of guilt and exhaustion
- living thru moments of being constantly overwhelmed and defeated
- made and spent time with local friends
- learned more about marriage in 2 months than in 2 years
- enjoyed amazing time with Father and seeing Him work miracles
- soaked up fellowship with our community around us

I could go on and on. Each day can consist of a variety of emotions. This past weekend has been such an amazing blessing! Daniel and i have been so eager to make local friends in and around our community to share life with. In the last 2 days there have been wonderful opportunities for both of us in this area. Even today, i met a new friends for coffee. We've both been able to have meaningful conversations that are priceless.

One thing that Daniel and I are blessed with is an amazing community of other foreign friends that support us. I moved to East Asia in desparate need of community, to share life with those around me that 'got me.' I am so grateful for the old relationships we've reconnected with and the new ones that have enriched our lives so much already.

I know in the big picture 2 months is not a long time. But i want to remember this part.

I know it's the very beginning of what will be an amazing, rocky, life changing, difficult, and yet beyond rewarding part of our lives.




  1. It's only been 2 months? It feels so much longer! Miss you!

  2. Love sharing this journey with you --thanks for blogging about it. How has it been different being married? I know the obvious, you live with each other and such. But is it harder to engage the culture around you...or just different? Or are you referring to just the pressure of having a marriage in the midst of learning a whole new way of life. I could see that being the case. I'm just curious and if you don't want to elaborate then you certainly don't have to. Love you friend and keeping you in my thoughts! :)