Saturday, August 6, 2011

When all else fails

If you've noticed, i talk about food alot. I rarely post without a picture of something we've eaten from the week. i did this in the states alot because i was still learning how to cook and wanted to document all the new meals.
Here, cooking is just different. I have to make some ingredients first and improvise, so cooking can be a challenge. I try to still plan our meals 2 weeks at a time. And if a meal comes out good, i feel the need to document it. :)

Thursday night we made pizza. Cheese is SO expensive here so we try to use it sparingly, but last time we did it on pizza it just didn't taste so great. So we splurged this time!

Friday night we had burritos. There is a local business that makes and delivers flour tortillas for pretty cheap (for here). And they are GOOD!

This weeks menu is:

Sun/Mon: Tortilla Soup
Tues: Daniel's cooking!
Wed: Dinner at friends house
Thurs: Local dishes
Fri: Enchilada Ring
Sat: Western

Schedules change quickly here so i won't be shocked if our week looks different than planned, ha!

Also, i want to start making homemade granola bars....anyone have a good recipe?

And, we might buy a blender soon, so any smoothie recipes (that don't require yogurt or things i can't buy here, ha) are welcome!

Onto's been going really good! I was able to log 14 miles this week, which hasn't happened since April. I find the earlier i go, the more i enjoy it. There are far less people out and i use up less energy dodging around people. I was even up at 6:30 this morning to get in a few miles. It was hot and humid so i rewarded myself with a (maybe 2!) iced coffees! They are so addicting!!!

We're travelling in less than 2 weeks and i am behind myself with excitement. We'll be going to the mountains, which means cooler temperatures!

What did ya'll do this weekend?? (and yes i realize that you probably haven't even started your Saturday yet!)



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