Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This post is pretty random, but also important to me. so here ya go...

Three years ago i went on a trip to Bali with some friends and we spent the night in Macau on the way there and back. I found this drink called Sarsae, which tasted like root beer on crack. I tried looking for it everywhere and managed to find it again when I spent a few days in Hong Kong.

A few months after my trip to Bali, a friend told me she had found Sarsae in a local store in the city i live now. I looked several times where she had bought it, but never found it.

Yesterday i went to our local supermarket and lo and behold!!!!!!!! AND it was only 50 cents. Score!! We can buy A&W Root Beer here at a few import stores but each can is $1.50, so 50 cents is sweet!

My can looks a little different than the one i've had before, but i think it's the same. And after doing a little research, i learned that it is sarsparilla based. I have no idea what that means, but it sounds cool.



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