Thursday, August 18, 2011

Food & Travel

Real quick...Granola Bar update:

I put the granola bars in the fridge (bc it's wicked humid here). I ate some this morning and boy howdy were they delish!!! I've had to exhibit a lot of self control all day long to not eat all of them.
Oh, and i made the bars to take on our trip tomorrow, which is why i can't eat them yet.

So this week in food....I made chili. I love that it's almost the same as making it in the States, and just as easy! Crockpot meals (esp here) are my fave! I got the recipe from here (I used canned kidney beans).

Also on the homefront, Daniel made dinner this week. He surprised me with pork medallions, rice, and a vegetable medley of zuchini and bell pepper.  It was SO good! And i'm pretty sure food just tastes better if someone else makes it :)

Tomorrow, in the very early AM, we are taking a 10 day trip to the mountains. It's a place i've been before, but not for over 2 years, and i'm beyond excited! Other than being a place I love, there is AMAZING food (don't worry you'll get pics), temp's in the 50-60's, and just overall a completely different atmosphere from where we live now.

Because it's such high altitude, i'm not planning on running. I'm not even bringing any running clothes. It takes a few days to get adjusted, and you're just easily tired and out of breath, so it just wasn't worth it. I'm going to miss it though, i've been on such a good consistent schedule these past few weeks, and i hate to not run in great weather, but it's too difficult to run up there without really adjusting to the altitude.

We should have internet, so i'll try to post a bit with pics of the mountains and me wearing long sleeves!!

Random sidenote: I was able to get a pair of pants hemmed for about $0.65 cents this week! One of the many perks of living here.....



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