Monday, August 29, 2011

No place like Home

Saturday we met up with some friends for lunch. We had a great time hanging out, eating local food, and of course drinking tea.

Saturday night we went back to my favorite restaurant, then walked through the old campus that I used to live at. No one lives in the dorms that I was in anymore.  They are doing some remodeling on the building so i snuck in to take some pics. Honestly, any other place and i'm sure the building would be condemned.

This was my old classroom. There are usually desks and chairs. They repainted and cleaned it up pretty good. It used to have cat poop in it all the time.

In the winter, I would wear 4 layers to class and bring a blanket. It was that cold.

Here's my old room. They've repainted, torn out the carpet, and fixed the ceiling. My ceiling used to leak constantly on my bed. There was a lot of water damage.

I really wish I could find a 'before' pic, but can't find one anywhere. Just for a visual, my bed was on the left, I had a small loveseat on the right, and then a small dresser and bedside table.

This was my old kitchen. Again, they've put in tile and made it look much nicer.

I used to have one gas burner on the far corner, a fridge, and a bookcase where I kept all my food.

This is the bathroom. I WISH you could see what the before was like. The toilet, walls, and floor are all new. My toilet before used to leak from the bottom. And notice at the top is the shower head. I would take everything out each time I took a shower (which really wasn't all that often ha!). But then I would always have to roll my pants up when I went the bathroom because the floor was always wet.

I know you're probably thinking this post is about my old dorm memories. It's not.

We flew back home today to our city. While Daniel and I LOVE being in the mountains, and truly believe we will live there at some point, we both felt so ready to be in our home. It's strange. We both love and miss the mountains, and could easily make it home if we lived there. But we've settled in here. We've created our home here.

When we both walked in the door today we both said that we've never really felt so at home before. We love it here. Even though it's hot and humid, we know this as home. It's strange that we haven't been here quite 3 months yet, and barely 2 months in our house. But it feels so right. And I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight.

There really is no place like home.



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