Saturday, August 27, 2011

Memory Lane...literally

Thursday we met with a couple of friends. We had lunch with a local friend and drank a lot of tea!!! I've been trying to limit my coffee or drink decaf to make up for all the tea we've been drinking while we've been here.

Thursday afternoon I went and sat by the river and enjoyed the quiet. It's so peaceful here. Life here is so much slower and relaxed from where we live now. The people are in general more laid back and focused more on relationships than climbing the corporate ladder. It's good to be here.

Yesterday, we had a very laid back day. I would describe it as relaxed even though Daniel would strongly disagree with me.

Sidenote: Daniel and I recently read more about our Myers Briggs personalities, and learned a lot. My type is described as living in the past. At first when I heard this, I didn't think it really described me, bc when I think of living in the past, I think of someone dwelling on things they can't change and can't seem to move on with life. But what it actually means (in this test), is that I strongly value traditions, memories, things like that.

This didn't make a lot of sense to me until Daniel and I came to the mountains, a place I used to live. Without realizing it, I put a huge priority on eating at all my favorite restaurants, not bc they are my favorite, but because of all the memories i have at each place. I wanted to go to the same place at the river that I would go before. I wanted to sit in the same park. I ordered the same foods I'd eaten before.

It suddenly hit me how my personality type was coming out in this trip. I was reliving all of my old memories at each place I would go, telling Daniel about the conversations I had at a particular restaurant and at which table. I wanted to relive all that I had known before. It is a very emotional thing for me.

Which brings me to yesterday. When I lived here before, my friend and I would bike through the mountains a few times a week. We think it's about 10 miles.

I wanted to do the ride one more time. Just to relive it all. Daniel came with me, but I knew he didn't have the same emotional connection as I did. The route has a few big hills, and at high altitude I was practically hyperventilating at the end of each one. I thought I would have to walk up a few of them, but surprised myself that I was able to ride the whole time.

At the first part of the ride, we passed the mountains that Daniel and I had are very first official date. Daniel packed us a picnic lunch and we biked and sat on this mountain. (we also both got flat tires on the way back.)

Here we are about 2 years ago. Just a coupla kids, ha!

Anyways, bc we've only been here a week and not fully adjusted to the altitude, the bike ride was a lot more intense than we were probably ready for. I enjoyed it though :)

After a rest, we spent more time walking around town. We "splurged" last night and had duck for dinner at a nice restaurant. And by splurged, I mean we spent about $16. Another thing I love about this city is that you can live and eat REALLY cheaply!

Anyways, at this restaurant they have this amazing plum tea/juice. It's so addicting and we drink cup after cup. I think it's more of a juice than a tea, but it is served hot.

We're hoping to spend today and tomorrow with a few more friends, before heading back on Monday. When we get back we'll have to hit the ground running. We have a few appointments, 3 more tutoring classes, and finishing up everything for our university application. Then school starts on Sept 5th!!! It's going to be crazy.



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