Monday, August 15, 2011


Confession, i like coffee. Maybe a bit too much.

About a week ago, I was getting ready in the morning and thought we were out of coffee. My mind went crazy. I could not grasp what a day without coffee would be like. I can't remember the last time i went a day without it. Even when we moved here, I bought some instant just to tide me over within hours of our plane landing.

I am also a person of routine. When I get ready in the mornings or get ready for bed, i do things the exact same way every day. I'm a creature of many habits. Each morning I make my coffee (half decaf/half reg) while i'm putting on my make up or doing my hair. I then make my first cup to sip on during my morning quiet time. About halfway through i go and get my second cup.

I've also been known to randomly give things up, sometimes for no reason at all. In college, i went over a year without drinking soda, just to prove to myself that i could do it. When I was a kid, I went a full year without chocolate, and a few years ago i went about 6 months without caffeine. I wish I could say there were spiritual reasons or life lessons i took away, but it really just boils down to me being competitive. Even if it's just with myself.

I enjoy drinking coffee. I enjoy a Starbucks just as much as the next guy, but i really like making my own at home. It might be a control issue, ha. I love putting in my sugar, milk, and  (now) coffee syrup-mixing it all in and adjusting if it needs it. I love how it makes me feel each day. It slows me down. I love drinking my coffee while staring out the window from my bed and just watching the city. It doesn't matter how busy or crazy my day might be, if i'm drinking coffee it all slows down, even if it's just for an hour or so.

Anyways, when i saw how crazy i was going when i thought i was going to have to go one morning without it, i realized this may be a problem.

Lately, i've been trying to eat a lot of natural foods, esp fruit. And I wasn't liking how i felt after my 2 (big) cups of coffee. It was like i could feel the processed coffee syrup and sadly  non -organic coffee grains swirling around my body, contaminating everything in sight. (I know, dramatic much?)

Anyways, this brings me to how i decided to give up coffee for 1 week. Yes, i know there are much bigger problems in the world. But let's focus on mine for a minute :)

I just finished Day 4. Today was by far the hardest. I have felt tired (it could be the lack of sleep, which is one of the reasons i drink coffee....) I have 3 more days to go until i'll "allow" myself to have coffee. But at that point we'll actually be travelling for about 10 days in high altitude, and coffee is not the best thing to have in that climate. So my little one week fast could possibly be 3 weeks.

What have you given up just for fun or to see if you could do it?




  1. I gave up coffee once too... I thought it might be making me break out. I had a headache for three days :( BUT after I started drinking it again, I started drinking less (just a cup in the morning) and I haven't gone back to drinking more, so I guess that's good!

  2. This is a good experiment to get you ready for giving up coffee during pregnancy!

  3. Talk about torture... but your staying strong!! Maybe a run in the morning will give the edge you need to get going for the rest of the day!