Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Get Lost

All day yesterday i worried about running this morning. I hadn't run in a week, and it was only 3 miles. I really want to have a consistent running schedule, even if it's just twice a week. And i really want to get my mileage back up....there are so many good things i want to eat, haha! Seriously though.

So of course last night i prayed that I would have the motivation and ability to run, because i just wasn't feeling it.

This morning i got up a few minutes after 6 to hit the road. I knew i could do 3 but would be happy if i did 4. i was going to try a new route this morning that i thought would be close to 4 miles. The first 2 miles were regular territory and then it got interesting.

I knew (or thought i knew) that this one road would intersect with what we call "the river road." It's not that big but you can run near a canal that leads back to our house. So i was running and before i got to where i thought i should've turned i noticed a girl running down some stairs and it looked interesting. I followed her and OMG there was this hidden path that was a few feet below the road that followed both sides of the river, AND it was lined with trees! i SO wish i had my camera, but don't worry i will post pics in the future.

At this point i was already at 3 miles, but i thought i would just go a bit further because you just cannot beat a good running trail!! Ya''ll know i can get worked up about running here with dodging all the people, avoiding being swept up by a street sweeper, dog poop, people poop, and the millions of motorbikes. Words cannot describe how excited i am about this new find!!!!!

Anyways, i ran by the river until i came to a bridge, then turned around to where i came from. I got back on the main road and was still looking for the river road so i could go home. I never found that road.

Instead i just kept running until i hit a huge intersection that i was familiar with and realized i was NOT close to home, ha. So I turned around and made the trek back. Thankfully, i had some clue to how to get home from there.

While i wanted to run 4 miles this morning, i ended up with 6! 6 miles people!!!! With no hydration or food. I'm actually shocked i made it. But being lost kind of motivated to keep running, ha!

Anyways....SO thankful that i got lost this morning, that i found a new running path, and that I realized i had it in me to run 6. woo hoo!!!



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  1. Way to go! Sounds like a fun little adventure this morning! I've been running up at Vedauwoo and have been lost a few times which definitely adds on to the workout (in a good way). glad you found a path with trees! :) SO exciting! So...I'm really contemplating a half-marathon on October 9th. I'm scared that I dont' have the time to train for it...but I really WANT to do it! We'll see!