Monday, August 22, 2011

View from the Top

Daniel and i arrived in the mountains on Friday morning. We rested, drank about 20 glasses of water, and I ate a lot. Word on the street is that most people lose their appetite or have decreased appetite in high alt's. Yeah i could eat 24/7, and I gained 10 pounds last time i lived here, ha! My appetite was insane the first 2 days here, but since yesterday, i think i've gone back to a somewhat normal appetite, ha!
Our first stop on Friday was my fave restaurant. I used to go there quite frequently, and it warmed my heart that the lady who owns it totally recognized us when we walked in and wanted to know where we've been the last 2 years! (i'll try to get a pic with her before we leave).

(broccoli, beef w/ peppers)

Here is our hotel room. When we first checked in they gave us 3 singles.


Friday night dinner-my fave vegetarian restaurant that I used to visit every Friday.

Fried veggie dumpling, cabbage, and the red sauce is a spicy dipping sauce that is EVERYWHERE here.

Saturday we got up and walked around town, and then did a little sightseeing.

But first, this is Saturday lunch. This is our fave noodle shop, and they recognized us here too. My fave-fried noodles!!!

Here are some of our views! (this morning we got up and there was snow on the tops of the mountains!)

sidenote: Yesterday i was reunited with my bike! yay!!!

(i've climbed that mountain)

So one thing i LOVE about here, is that there is NO humidity. My hair stays straight, unlike where we live now if i straighten it 3 times a day it will automatically get wavy.

(yes that is a long sleeve shirt. it was 55 yesterday when we left the hotel.)

Sunday we went to another fave tea house. isn't he cute?

Lunch: Fried rice with meat, meat, rice, potatoes

Today we're doing a little more sightseeing, catching up on email at a coffee shop that has Wifi, and meeting friends for dinner. I'll try to post again when I can.




  1. Ooh, that food looks so good! Glad you're enjoying your visit, especially the less-intense weather!

  2. I've loved reading about your new life overseas! I'm glad you're enjoying the cooler weather and that food looks delish!!

  3. I want to see a picture of the dog on the mat on the table. Ha!

  4. This post makes my heart smile; you look and sound SO happy! *hugs*
    and is that a REGULAR potty? No fear! :0)