Saturday, August 13, 2011


For the past several years, I have thought about adoption. I didn't have a big magical moment where I thought it'd be a good idea, but watching a few families around me go thru the process was a huge part of my understanding of it.

I don't feel that every person is supposed to adopt. Just like I don't think every person is supposed to live overseas. But I think everyone (believers) should be involved and play a role somehow.

About a year ago, i was looking for books to read about adoption to learn more about the subject and hopefully be more prepared whenever the time comes. This book came very highly recommended.

(If you have adopted, what books/resources do you recommend?)

I'm in the middle of reading it now. There have already been several times that i just wanted to walk away and quit reading. Moore brings to life the reality of the conditions that most orphans are currently living in and the cruelty they are subjected to. It's been painful to read. I don't want to think about it. It's easier to ignore it. But I can't. There has been one passage in particular that keeps haunting me. I know that I can't solve the world's problems or adopt every single child, but i can do something.

Moore says (page 83)

"Think of the plight of the orphan somewhere right now out there in the world. It's not just that she's lonely. It's that she has no inheritance, no future. With every passing year, she's less "cute," less adoptable. In just a few years, on her eighteenth birthday, she'll be expelled from the orphanage or from "the system." What will happen to her then?

Maybe she'll join the military or find job training. Maybe she'll stare at a tile on the ceiling above her as her body is violated by a man who's willing to pay her enough to eat for a day, alone in a back alley or in front of a camera crew of strangers. Maybe she'll place a revolver in her mouth or tie a rope around her neck, knowing no one will have to deal with her.

Can you feel the force of such desperation?

Jesus can."

Those are hard words to read.

It's easier to ignore it and go on with life. But thinking of the millions of children who are living without a family, without love, and without the necessities of life is not okay. It's inhuman.

When Daniel and I were dating, the subject we talked the most about was adoption. It's something we both have felt led to do as individuals and now as a married couple. We're not sure about all the details, the timing, and all that. But it's something we are being led by Father to do.

This past month we officially started our "adoption fund."!!!!!!  It's not a lot, but it's something, and it's exciting! Most likely it will be a few years before we adopt, but i love knowing that somewhere a child is a little closer to having a family and people that love them.




  1. How awesome!!! Yes, God called us to adoption in 1999..yet, we didn't actually begin the journey until 2005 and didn't bring Megan home until 2008 and Rachel in 2011. You never know what God has in store. One of the first things I began doing after being called to adopt was pray for our girls (I knew we were being called to adopt from China and knew it was daughters) and their birth families. I encourage you to do the same. Yes, once you are touched by adoption, you truly are NEVER the same! :-) I'll have to think about books/resources that I'd recommend.

  2. Laura, this post made me so emotional! Thank you for sharing it! One of my best friends read this book and she and her husband gave it to their parents when they shared with their families that they were going to start pursuing adoption. If you haven't read Mary Beth Chapman's book "Choosing to See" you should. She shares such amazing stories about their adoption journey. I'm so excited for you guys! Adoption is such a beautiful thing! Keep us all updated!

  3. Congrats on the adoption fund! A fund makes it so much more than just something you talk about, it's a goal or part of what you are doing with your life! I hope that makes sense!

  4. Laura, I have a confession to make...I've read your blog for years and have never commented. :( Sorry!
    Anyway, I just wanted to say first of all congratulations on making the decision to adopt. Excited to see how God orchestrates and provides for you and Daniel through this process. My husband and I adopted our son from Taiwan, one year ago today. I have never seen the hand of God so much at any other time in our life than when we were going through the adoption process. He provided and worked out every amazing detail. Our lives are forever blessed and changed!
    As far as adoptive resources my favorite is the one you mentioned Adopted for Life. A few other books I would recommend is Choosing to See, The Adoption Decision: 15 Things You Want to Know Before Adopting, and Twenty Things Adoptive Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew. There are also so many amazing blogs out there of adoptive families that are great as well.
    Again congratulations on your decision!