Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Calzones and Class

I tried a new recipe tonight. You can find it at my friend's blog here. This was my first time to make calzones. I was pretty excited because i'd heard it was pretty easy. It was.

(the dark spots are the flax seed that didn't quite blend)

You seriously just make the dough, roll it out and put in the toppings. The part that took the longest was just shredding the cheese and prepping the veggies.

Our toppings were:

Red Pepper
Green Pepper
Black Olives (for me)

These were SOO good! I actually couldn't eat all of mine, but i wanted to. Because you don't have to wait for the dough to rise, it's so much faster than making pizza, and it adds a nice twist to our dinner menu. We also just used canned spaghetti sauce to dip them in, because that's what we had. :)

So. Class.

We're still in the deciding stage right now. Daniel is pretty sure what class he will go to, and I'm still deciding. I tried a new class today, that left me more confused on what to do than before. We still have 2 more classes to make our decision. But I am thankful that we get the ability to choose. So that's something.

In other news....2010 was the year of the runner. 2011 is the year of the move. We moved.
BFF Amy moved (to a new apartment but still), BFF Caroline moved to Arkansas, Sarah, Mike and the boys are moving this week, and now my parents are moving! (if i've left you out i'm sorry!)

My dad is a pastor and accepted a new job in Illinois. They currently live in Ft. Worth. I know very little about Illinois, other than Chicago is there and I've always wanted to visit. Any readers from Illinois?!

It will be weird when Daniel and I do go back to the States to visit, to go see my parents in a completely different state, new house, new church, everything. But i'm excited for them  and i'm sure they'll love it!

It's been such a long week already. Seriously, is it friday yet???




  1. Those calzones look delicious!

    I'm a reader from Illinois. :-)
    There are basically two parts of the state: Chicagoland (which is where I live) and everywhere else. Which region are your parents moving to? Southern Illinois is beautiful!

  2. I live in Illinois, and I think your parents will love it here! We've lived all over the U.S. and overseas, and I'm so happy we are back in Illinois (I grew up here). There are all four seasons, the pace of life is just right, and in most places, family always comes first. There are still farming communities, but big cities for shopping and other activities are all within a short drive. It is the best place to live, in my opinion!

  3. I think your parents will like IL. Which area are they headed to? I'm assuming he's not our new interim pastor since he has younger daughters:)