Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Stats

It's a little late, but our Saturday looked nothing like we thought it would, sooooo......

Daniel and I recently started watching LOST. He has already seen the first 5 seasons and a few of season 6. We're only a few episodes in the first season and I'm completely hooked!!! This is such a good show! But I'm also glad I didn't watch it when it was on TV, bc now I can just watch several episodes at a time. (Translation: huge time waster!)

So anyways, we stayed up too late last night watching LOST. This morning it was really hard to get up, but yet I did at 8:30. I wanted a slow morning so we made eggs, drank coffee, and were just lazying around.

But then a lot of stuff suddenly came up that we needed to take care of, so our day was spent a lot on the phone and checking emails. We ended up having dinner with friends tonight, which was so yummy, and it's always a treat to not have to cook :)

Anyways...... running...

This week was Week 3 and it went well. My total for the week was 16.9 miles, and my "long" run ended up being 6.5 bc I'm still learning how far things are here :)  I feel like I'm still keeping a good pace, so that makes me happy.

Also, today was the day I got the scale back. I was the EXACT same weight as 10 days ago. It's just funny at this point. I was hoping for something lower, but I baked a few desserts this week so I'm not too shocked, ha!

I didn't get a lot of stuff done today that I needed to, but what can ya do? It will all be done at some point!



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