Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Rewind

It's just now Sunday afternoon, but we don't have big plans for the rest of the day, other than lounging and eating, so I figured it was okay to do our weekend post.

Friday morning I went to class, talked with BFF's Amy and Caroline on the phone, and got my haircut. Daniel also gave me these. They smell SO good!!!

(i'm not good with flowers, does anyone know what these are called?)

The haircut was interesting. It only cost $3, so I certainly can't have high expectations. But I have gotten my hair cut twice before here and it turned out great. It wasn't completely tragic this time, but there was definitely a language barrier.

When I first went in to the haircut place, they took me back to wash my hair and got out the saran wrap. I was looking at the saran wrap, wondering what they thought they were doing to my hair. They ended up putting saran wrap on my back and tucked it into my T-shirt. I THINK this was supposed to keep me dry.....still not sure.

They washed my hair 3 times, then took me to the guy to cut my hair. I said everything I wanted in the local language, and even pointed to a picture and to a few people who worked there that had the bangs I wanted. Side-swept bangs are really in here, so I wasn't too worried. (ha)

The guy was cutting my hair and he was barely taking anything off, maybe 1/4th an inch. I didn't mind too much because less is always more in my book. But then he cut this top layer, several inches shorter than the bottom layer. Of course, he did it quickly and then what can you do.

Then, oh and then......he cut my bangs!! They had grown out and were pretty long. He cut them really short, and all the exact same length. I kept trying to tell him and show him that I wanted them at an angle. He kept cutting and make them straight. By then it was too late, and I just asked him to stop.

So I paid my $3 and left with my mullet and child sized bangs.

Saturday, I was going to get up and run my 5 miles, but it was pouring, so I did stuff around the house till the weather cleared up. I made homemade bread, and yum yum yum it's so good!

Daniel and I went out on a date Saturday nite. We ate Indian food, then Dairy Queen for dessert.

(this is my new Zara's knock-off cardi  that I bought for about $7)

As you can tell, the food was good!

We walked home from DQ, watched a few episodes of The Office, then called it a night. All in all, it's been a really good weekend!!!




  1. hey lovely lady!!! the flowers are lillies. i am ss glad to hear you had a great day!!!! I miss you guys so much and hope that we will get to see each other sooner of later.

  2. I SO had to laugh at your haircut story. I’m sure one of many stories you’ll have from there, ha!! :)