Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weekend Rewind

I totally forgot to do a Weekend post. Lame.

We didn't have the most eventful weekend ever, but it was laid back and fun.

Class update: I ended up choosing to go to both levels at school. From 8:30-10:10 I go to the "hard" class. Then I go the level below from 10:20-11:50. I really think this is the best decision. It means I have to go Mon-Fri, which I'm not a fan of, but again, I think it's what needed to be done.

(Even though this past Friday when I was getting ready to leave for class and Daniel was at home, I second guessed myself, ha!)

My teachers are both really good, and I'm learning a lot. I can actually read a good 150 words now. It doesn't seem like a lot, considering there are thousands. But it's SO better than the zero I was at before.

Anyways...our weekend.....

Friday I had class, spent the afternoon cleaning, studied, caught up on admin and life stuff.  Daniel cooked dinner, which he self-named "Ugly Plate." It actually tasted delicious, but I'll admit it wasn't going to win an award for presentation, ha! We had pan fried tilapia, cauliflower, rice, and zucchini. It was really good!

Saturday, I had the long run, this you know. Saturday was another catch up day. We ended up having dinner with friends last minute, then went to see Captain America, in english again! It's so rare that we go to movies, but funny that we've gone to 2 these past few weeks. They're a little "spendy" as my Grandma would say, but you just can't pass up a new movie in English. You never know when the opportunity will come a knockin again.

Sunday we had a rest day and I read a lot. I just finished The Summons by John Grisham. I really enjoy his books-I'm not that into fiction over all, but his really draw me in.

Monday was a holiday here, so we didn't have class. woo to the hoo!!!!! I "slept in" and we were both up at 6:45. That's AM people.

Monday was pretty busy. I went grocery shopping, ran errands, studied, made granola bars, brownies, and met with friends.

Sidenote: I keep tweaking the granola bar recipe. I added a lot more PB this time and used almonds, cashews, PB chips, and a few chocolate chips. I think they taste pretty good! I also made homemade brownies and put PB chips in those too. (PB chips are cheaper here than CC, and I found the PB chips on sale, so again, woo to the hoo for me)

And again, no real pics. But a while ago, I saw this and thought of TPG!

AND, in good news.....word on the street is that there is a marathon (half, 5k,) about an hour or so by train from my city in the spring. So my plan is to train and run my own half in November, take a break for about a month, then either retrain for the spring half or OMG possibly do a full. We'll see.



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  1. do the full. honestly, best thing ever. i've trained for two and run one, (the second i couldn't run b/c of injury). but seriously. they are fun, and exhausting, but it's a runner's high that lasts days, weeks even!