Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Friday ended up being busier than we expected. We found out that our paperwork was ready to get our student visas, so we took a last minute trip to the visa office to file everything. It just happened to be close to a McDonald's and we decided we just couldn't pass it up. But don't worry I got the chicken nuggets and drank water. So it wasn't a complete splurge :)

Friday afternoon I grocery shopped, and FINALLY found chocolate chips! They only had 2 bags so I bought them both. It's so easy to become a 'hoarder' here. You never know when or what the import stores will have, and just because they have something one week doesn't mean it's guaranteed to be there the next. And I consider chocolate chips a surival food.

Saturday we slept in (8 am ha!), and just did things around the house. I baked a bit for visitors we were having over today. I attempted to make homemade donut holes, and it didn't go so well. I made the dough, but had problems getting the oil the right temp and actually getting the dough into the shape of a ball. So we had weird looking shaped donuts. They still tasted good and that's really all that matters!

Saturday afternoon we went to see Cars 2 3D in ENGLISH!! I was pretty excited. It was our first movie to see here. There were only 7 of us in the theatre and we all sat really close to each other. You actually buy a specific seat here instead of sitting just anywhere. It's actually nice because most of the time you don't have to get to the theatre as early.

After the movie we went to eat at a Western restaurant, complete with hamburgers, fries, and pie! We don't go out for Western very often, so it's pretty exciting when we do. Well exciting for us.....not sure if ya'll are really holding your breath to find out what we eat, hahah!

This afternoon is pretty laid back. Tomorrow we start school and will find out how often our classes meet, times, and all that. It's been a while since I've had a first day of school. I'm hoping for a good awkward moments to tell ya'll about later.

But speaking of.....these two little cuties started "school" this week too.

Ethan is in MDO twice a week and Grant is in Pre-K. Sarah and Mike are also moving this week. They're just moving about 15 minutes North of where they are now. I've been on to this girl to start a blog. Selfishly I want her to start one so I can get more regular updates on the boys. She keeps saying she's busy.........

ALSO, my bike is here now. I biked yesterday for the first time in our city. If I thought running was hard, i was dead wrong. Biking here is insane. I'm always talking while I bike, in English, things like "watch out I'm going to hit you!" or "I can't stop.. oh no oh ummmm"  I'll keep you posted.

And in running news, I'm DEFINITELY starting my half marathon training tomorrow. It's a whopping 3 miles, but i'm excited to be committed to the training!!! I might do a weekly recap of the miles and how the training is going.



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  1. I AM busy, you say that like you doubt it! Ha ha