Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Stats

(I think i'm going to do a weekly stat update each Saturday for my training)

It's officially the end of Week 1 of training! Only 9 more to go....which seems forever away!

The week went well. I had to run during the afternoons during the week. I don't mind it, but i'd much prefer to run in the morning and get it over with. But with class, it's just too hard. And it's been a very exhausting week. But I enjoyed a delightful iced coffee after my run this morning, that I'd been looking forward to all week!

My "long" run for this week was 4 miles. Next week it's 5. I won't get nervous until it's 8.
8 miles is always my big marker. I'm pretty good up until then, but then each run over 8 is always hard. More prep goes into those runs: hiding a water bottle to pick up half way through, eating before-having time to digest, carrying Gu with me, making time, etc.....

Running long is going to be interesting here. I have a few thoughts that i'll share when we get closer.

I haven't lost any weight, but didn't gain. Again, it's week 1 so not a big deal.

I did realize how much my pride is a part of running, especially long runs. I'm going to be honest....I enjoy when someone asks me what I did today and I get to say " well i ran my 10 miles, then blah blah blah." It's such a good feeling to have a really good long run. But I need to work on the pride. :)

Like most of ya'll, our temps here dropped a lot too. Sunday it was about 110 (or felt like it), but this week it's been mostly in the 70's. I think it was in the high 60's when i ran this morning. I LOVE running in cooler weather!

A few of ya'll asked about the parents are moving to South Illinois, i think closer to the Missouri  border (where dad's family is). They are actually there right now house hunting.

We don't have class on Monday because it's a Holiday here. Which makes me feel better about going to class this past Monday when I had to see everyone's tweets and fb updates about them enjoying their Labor Day, ha!

Oh and this week on the menu:

Sat night/Sun nite: Chicken Broccoli casserole (need to find a recipe!)
Mon nite/ Tues nite: Chili
Wed: Local Dishes
Thurs/ Fri: Creamy Garlic Crockpot chicken
Sat: Out-western food

Have a great weekend!!



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