Friday, September 2, 2011

Get it Together

I am a person who loves having goals. I thrive on them.

So far I've met all my weight and exercise goals for 2011, so I set new ones to keep me going. But they're a little too vague. And vague goals don't get accomplished in my book.

I took 2 weeks of from running bc of being in the mountains and just being really tired and busy after we got back. I ran 3.2 miles on Thursday and felt pretty good. But today I didn't run because I honestly just didn't feel motivated. I'm currently at the lowest weight of my adult life. And when I see some small improvements in the weight area I tend to slack off. I know I shouldn't, but I do.

I want more.

After reading TPGs post today, I became motivated. I have got to just get out there and do it. I need to run whether I feel like it or not. I need to be disciplined again. Which is hard when I'm not training for anything. They have races in this country, but they're all far away and way expensive to go to.

So I've decided to train for a half marathon, even if I never race it. I'm going to be using this training program that I used for my first one. And who knows, maybe I'll do my own personal half and call it a day. (I'll just need a shirt and a medal to feel legit, ha!).

If all goes well, it will put me right at our 2 year anniversary mark. And I've already decided if I lose 5 more lbs, I'm going to let myself have a Smores Poptart. I know you should never reward weight loss with food, but I just can't bring myself to eat these without knowing i've lost more weight. It's a mental thing.

I'm a little nervous about committing to a training program, because school starts on Monday and i'll be getting up on a normal day around 6:15. And that's without running. So I know i'll have to get up about 5ish a few mornings. And that doesn't sound like fun to me. Hopefully when/if the weather cools down I can run in the afternoons. But that probably won't happen  for a while.

Anyways, wish me luck. I need it. I'll take any motivation I can get!



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  1. This is a scathingly BRILLIANT idea! Here is my promise, you put the miles in, follow your training program, and I'll host a virtual half marathon for you. Complete with a medal - pinky swear! Deal?
    So proud of your determination!!!