Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kauai day 8 (hawaii day 10)

ok, so Saturday was technically Kauai day 8, hawaii day 10, but i don't have a single pic from this day.
I'll just give you a play by play so you feel like you were there :)

ok, honestly i have no idea what we did in the morning. but i know we went somewhere, cos we packed up our bags before we left. sooo....hmmm...i'm sure it was fun.

Michael & Laura left for the airport early that Saturday morning. Jared & Mel left later that evening. Daniel & I spent the next 2 days with Steve & Sherry in Maui. yes, we were the lucky ones!!! the flights were all different, so that was actually the only time for us to fly back...rough right?

so we went to the airport, flew to Maui, and shocking, my bag didn't make it. Daniel's did. really?? like a man really needs his suitcase? hardly. Sherry's was missing too. so they told us to come back an hour later, it should be on the next flight.

so we get the rental cars, and head to McD's for a quick bite.....have i already mentioned that i'm ADDICTED to the sugar-free vanilla iced coffee's?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? if they were cheaper i'd have one every day.

anyways....after McD's we go back and our bags aren't there. does anyone else know the feeling of looking at an empty conveyor belt expecting to see your bag?? you feel so used when the process that you have come to count on for years doens't work. somehow i made it thru....pressing on.....

Then we were told our bags would be on the next flight. thankfully, they were. it was really late and we were exhausted!!!

so we headed to the hotel (did i mention it was late?) and checked in. we had a gorgeous room overlooking the ocean. my head then hit the pillow, and that my friends, is day 8.


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