Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kauai Day 2 (hawaii day 5)

WOW! this post will be long!
Quick recap before all million pictures.... Daniel and I walked around the property and looked at the coastline. one of my favorite things that we did!!!! Then I worked out in their amazing fitness center (Kauai wasn't up on the running trails yet), and then we headed to a luau!!!!!

yes, i like to rock my OKC marathon shirt.

Look how blue that water is!! don't you just wanna jump in it?

all that black stuff is lava rock....

AND then, my fave part of our walk....the turtle!!!! I really wanted to see some "in the wild" while we were there, and we were watching the water, and this little guy showed up!!!!

(we're actually standing on a high cliff above him)

we just stood there forever watching the waves crash against the rocks. SO much fun!

Now to part 2 of the day!

the LUAU!!!!!

I got this dress for Christmas, so i've been dying to wear it!

Our Luau was at a 30 acre garden. It has gardens representing several Asian styles. It was really cool!

I think Daniel was really excited to be there....

They had all these peacocks just walking around....

The canoe was in Treasure Island movie/show or something.

I have no idea what fruit(?) this is, but it looked really cool. if you know what it is, let me know!

First, we had the Imu ceremony, where they dig up the pig from the ground. the whole process is pretty cool.



Has anyone else been to a luau, in hawaii or somewhere else?? what did ya'll think??

Right after digging up the pig, we went in and ate (yum yum), then watched the show. The show was really cool because they showed dances from all the cultures in Hawaii -Tahiti, Japan, China, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

The whole thing lasted about 4 hours, and i'm so glad we did it. Going to a luau was the one thing i really wanted to do while we were there. yay!!!

stay day -exploring Kuaui!!!!



  1. I think the fruit is banana. Puerto Rico has banana trees growing everywhere and they look just like that. :) Looks like so much fun!!!

  2. Those are bananas, we grow them in our backyard. Did you really eat the pig on a stick?