Friday, June 4, 2010

Maui day three

I'm not sure if Daniel and I ever really settled into Hawaii time. We went to bed about 9 every night and woke up about 6am. We slept great in Hawaii, but have struggled since being home. We were both up for a few hours last night, and it was brutally hard to stay awake today. 3!!!

Went for the morning run, then packed up to go to Island # 2: Kauai!!!!

Our flight wasn't till 4pm, so we went to the aquarium on the way to the airport. I had never been to one before, but I always knew i would love them!!!

I think he was trying to pretend he was under water??? i missed the memo on this one.

everything reminded me of Finding Nemo.

It was Steve & Sherry's wedding anniversary, so we celebrated with snow cones!!! (shaved ice for all you Oklahomans)

Saturday was a really long day. not sure if it was the travelling or what, but we were all exhausted by the time we got to Kauai!!!! Because the inner-island flights are so small, they usually only load half the luggage on your flight, and you have to wait for the next plane to come in to get your bags. I was unaware of this.

again, memo missed.

The highlight for me on day 3, other than the aquarium, was dinner!!! We ate at the hotel's restaurant, and i had amazing salmon and lovely ceasar salad!!!!!!! i miss that salad already.

We got my luggage (Daniel's was safe and sound already in our hotel room) delivered minutes after getting into bed. so not a huge loss. i don't think it will make it into my weekly therapy session or anything.

also, at the aquarium you were able to pick up and hold these little sea creature things. it was kind of weird to have that much freedom unsupervised. i took full advantage. sadly, those pics are on daniel's camera, and no clue when i'll be able to get those....


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  1. It's funny about the snow cone/shave ice thing; I called them snow cones (and wasn't much of a fan) all my life until I went to Hawaii w/ Jared & his folks and started frequenting (well, sporadically frequenting) the ONE place in Norman that calls them shave ice like they do in Hawaii.