Thursday, June 24, 2010

i should be vacuuming

we've declared this weekend the "do nothing but relax" weekend. we'll see if that happens or not. Daniel is good at sticking to the plan, i however, tend to stray....

i think of tons of stuff that i should be doing, therefore robbing me of my good relaxation time.....

- i have to run 3 miles on Sat to stay on the training schedule
-the house needs to be cleaned
- grocery shopping needs to be done
-errands need to be run

my mind is constantly going of stuff we need to do. i'm really hoping to still be able to relax this weekend.

but i'm home alone tonight, blogging and watching/listening to the news. p.s. it's weird to be watching tv at this hour...i have no idea what's on, so i just flip and hope for the best.....

i'm going to leave in an hour or so to go join my running group. yeah.....remember the running group i joined back in the day (april)? I'm going for the second time tonight. and i have a smidge anxiety about it.

i have a feeling i'll be running alone. which is fine, bc it's only 2 miles, which i should be able to do. I use the word 'should' loosely here. everything changes when i run outside.....but if i'm going to run a 15k outside, i should have some exposure to the elements first :)
i still just feel like a huge loser when everyone takes off running their 8 min miles, and i'm trudging far behind that i actually can't see them anymore. it's sad. this is the reason for the smidgeness of anxiety tonight.....

what else is going on??

my bff Amy is getting married in August. so my time is focused on dresses, shoes, showers, the usual....

it reminds me of my wedding planning days.... sidenote: i totally want to get married again!!! i want to relive the entire day, the music, the food, the people, and FOCUS on it instead of everything else that is going on around me.
so if you were at my wedding and feel like recreating the moment for me..let me know when you're free, haahahah!

i know this post is random..... i should prob write a serious post, but i'm an avoider.....

and i don't like to discuss things until i've solved them in my head. the whole vulnerability thing ya know?
anyways, if you're in OKC and want to run/jog/walk fast with me, let me know!!



  1. Hope your jogging club goes well! I am a little nervous about running it outside too, just think how good it will feel when we have accomplished it! I want to wear my wedding dress again, we should have a party where everyone wears their wedding dress. Its sad that we get to only wear it once

  2. I hope your run went well! I hear you about wanting to get married again; wouldn't that be great. Maybe a vow renewal? I wanted to do that for our five-year, but ... it came too quick! Maybe ten ...