Thursday, June 17, 2010

weekend rewind

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming....

according to Sarah ya'll are bored of the Hawaii posts and i need to move on.....i only have 2 days left, and this is a good way for me to document it! however, i hate for people to be bored, so i'll give it a rest for now and post about our weekend.

Daniel & I drove to Dallas on Friday to see my parents and get my haircut. ya'll remember me trying to get it cut in Oklahoma......which brings us to Dallas.

Friday night was spent just hanging out with mom and dad, getting caught up on their lives. they have a lot of cool stuff going on. also, my mom got a new phone that has texting. if you know my mom, this made for an interesting weekend.

i didn't get a pic of her, so here's us at my wedding.....

She bugged me nonstop until i would get her a Christmas ringtone for her phone. yes, ladies & gentlemen, mom listens to Christmas music ALL year round. it's a battle to get her to take the tree down before Valentine's, and that is only because it's been up since October. (no lie, it was up before Halloween this past year) fun times with the fam.

Saturday.......Daniel and I went for a run with my dad. I actually got a PR of 11:32 for my first mile. which should impress you because it was all uphill!!!!! my parents live in a very hilly subdivision and my dad's normal run route is uphill the first mile. it was also hot & humid....i so missed my indoor treadmill that is flat.

So I ran 1.5 miles and turned around and walked home. humidity+running= laura walking

THEN.....some of my very fave people just had a baby, and live only a few miles from my parents. I also hadn't seen Jessica since i've been back in the states and they've never met Daniel. We stopped by their house for a bit and LOVED every minute of it.

meet Gracie Rae!!! she is SO adorable and has tons of hair. i fell in love with her cute little cheeks and little belly!!

not sure why she isn't as excited to see me.......

look how scrumptious!!!

Jonathan & Jessica are a wonderful couple! his first book just came can check it out here! We had a blast!!

Then we headed to Dallas for a hair cut and dinner with amy & caroline. we went to Fadi's, which is yummmmmeeeeeee! it was all their first time to go, and i take credit for their new love.

caroline & me just chatting away:

caroline, amy, & me

look at this food!!!! red snapper, hummus, pita bread, cauliflower, salad, eggplant, potatoes, okra...

any other Fadi lovers out there??

after enjoying dinner way too much and gabbing nonstop (bless Daniel for enduring), we went to Pokey o's, which is a place amy knew about. omg!!!! you choose your homemade cookies and ice cream and make cookie sandwhiches!!! really?!?!?! where has this been all my life??

after a fun night with the girls, we headed home to get some shut eye.

Sunday we went to my dad's church where he is the pastor. the PNW was great, and we really enjoyed the service!!

after eating my fave meal (roast, pot's, and carrots) furnished by mom, i headed out to pick blackberries from their bush in the backyard.

it's organic....

they were tart! i love it!

me and dad..

i'm sure a lot of ya'll are the same, but i have to rehash everything with Daniel about the day even if he was there for all of it. it helps me process.

Saturday was a great day for me. I felt completely filled with all the great quality time i soaked up from the people i was able to see. I needed my emotional-friend-love tank to be filled, and it was more than ever on Saturday. being around people who are like-minded and have amazing sweet spirits....i realize i need it more than i get. i'm so grateful for this day.

that my friends was my weekend in a nutshell......i'll show pics of our little house flood at a later date.

sarah....this ones for you :)


  1. I love you!!!! and i want my own blackberry bush

  2. Laura!! I saw you were in Dallas (and Amy told me), I was so sad I couldn't join you girls, I was previously committed to attending a wedding shower of a dear friend of mine. looks like you had a great weekend though! someday maybe i'll see you again:)

  3. I didn't say it was boring, just that I want to hear more about your past week-end! Love Ya! Mom told me about her Christmas ringtone...