Thursday, June 3, 2010

Maui day one

Ok, so we (Daniel, me, daniel's parents, both his brothers and wives, and one baby) went to Hawaii for 2 weeks!!!!!! woo hoo!!!! They've vacationed there many times before, but this was my FIRST time!!

We had 3 flights on the way over with long layovers. So i read up on Denver's airport because we would be eating breakfast there on the way. it totally made my day when i realized they had an Einstein's!!! I heart bagels, and i was uber excited to be able to have a good one on vaca!!!

We had 3 flights on the way with long layovers. that is why i look tired....but still so excited. (i found out later that my lei was edible!!)

First island: MAUI!!!!!!

I ran every day in Maui. They had trails right along the beach. I SO covet running trails and wish we had some near us!!!

Day 1: we ran, went to the beach, ate dinner downtown, and walked along the shops after dinner.

(this is the only full fam pic i have, and yes, this is my albino husband)

The downtown has this huge Banyan tree. It's hard to describe and take a picture of, but it's basically a large tree that has spread out into several other trees, all while connected to one tree. it's really cool.

That's day one in a nutshell.....stay tuned for more :)



  1. I am so jealous!!! It looks so pretty there! Can't wait for me pics.

  2. I love the albino comment. I laughed out loud for a good while!