Monday, June 14, 2010

Kauai Day 6 (hawaii day 9)

Well, i said i need some time to catch up.......

Our apartment living room is flooding from the rain, so i'm home today watching the maintenance guys wetvac our living room. they said they would be back every hour. so that gives me some time to catch up on  blogging :)


Friday, I really wanted to rest. Yes, every muscle hurt and ached from the hike the day before. What hurt the most were my ankles, which i thought was weird. this is why i look tired (and not sure if i had on make up here)

anyways, friday, Daniel and I took the car and and went down the main street in Kauai to shop. We found really cool stores that had clothes made out of 100% spun bamboo. They were comfy but sadly had a weird fit. but i'm still really open to buying bamboo-made clothes in the future. We also found a local sports store that sponsored a weekly running group. I contemplated joining.....

There was also signs and T's at the store that said

"I run so I can eat."
hahahaah I loved it!!!

Another store had clothes made out of hemp. they were SO soft!!! but i looked at the price tag and realized the store owners must be clinically insane. so we mosied on out.

We stopped by one of the beaches and just watched the waves come in.

  it was just perfect! i loved sitting on the beach with my man and watching the waves. i could do it forever.

i wish you could hear these waves!!

after a wonderfully relaxing day, we headed to dinner with the fam. This  was one of my other fave moments. All of us had dinner together, then sat by the pool and talked. I love this! I just always love the after-dinner convo's, i wish they'd never end! we had smoothies and milkshakes and just great!

Then Michael took some family pics on the beach (which i need to get from him...) and of each of the couples. I can't wait to see how these turned out.....

It was a delightful day......



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