Thursday, June 3, 2010

Maui day two

The day started off with a great run! I woke up every morning and told Daniel 'i just need a good sweat.' Because I tried to eat good on the trip, but that only lasted the first few days.....then i went into vaca mode. If i sweat a lot in the morning running, then i felt like all the bad stuff i had eaten was gone and i could start all over :)

on our balcony:

this is my "are you really taking a picture of me while i make coffee?" face

p.s. i don't really like hawaiian coffee. i know it's all the rage and stuff, as many times as i've tried it, i will always prefer my Starbucks Verona bold blend :)

We watched Baby J for the afternoon while everyone went ziplining. We actually just watched him sleep since he wasn't caught up to hawaii time yet.

We went to dinner at a local place, which is now our new fave. they had delicious food!!

Daniel actually ate his entire plate, half of his brother's, and half of mine. If you're ever in Maui, go to Aloha Mixed won't regret it!!! The atmosphere and people are wonderful!

Side note: so Daniel wore his "Sooners" shirt (shown below) a lot during the trip. We couldn't go ANYWHERE without running into someone from Oklahoma. these people are everywhere!!!!! i started to think that maybe Oklahomans got a discount fare to Hawaii or something. seriously, we could be hiking in the middle of nowhere, and run into someone from Oklahoma.

Day 2 was a slow day for us, but day 3 more than made up for it!

love laura

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