Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kauai Day 4 (hawaii day 7)

Ok, this really was one of my favorite days :)

Steve, Sherry, Mel, Daniel and I went kayaking and hiking. We first kayaked up the river about 2 miles, then hiked (not too hard though) to an AMAZING waterfall, then went back and kayaked back.

We were told by the kayak guide about a secret trail to the waterfall. It was nice being on a trail very few people knew about. We were able to see some ruins of some royalty people who used to live out in the part of the forest. (i think it would be classified as a forest, jungle maybe?)

sadly i didn't get any pics of us kayaking, but it was a lot of fun, and not as hard as i thought it would be. The view from the river was SO beautiful!

here are pics from the hike:

i loved being out in the middle of nowhere.

we had to cross the river, which actually had a pretty strong current goin...

There were pretty flowers all along our hike. This one was kind of growing in the tree.

Look at the roots on this tree! It reminded me of the monster from The Village.

One thing that made this one my favorites, is the waterfall!!! We swam out to it, and the water was COOOOOLLLDDDDDD!!!! i've never been directly under a fall like that. it was SOOOO amazing!!!

who doesn't want to hike in this??

sidenote....what is everyone doing for July 4th? going out of town, staying home???

we're trying to decide......



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