Monday, June 21, 2010

Maui day 4 & 5 (hawaii day 11 & 12)

hmmm....where did we leave off?

We got into Maui late Saturday night, and crashed. We got up the next morning searching for Starbucks and drank in all the beauty on the way...

it's crazy to see all the volcanic rock....


We finally found the Starbucks.....we looked at the map wrong, so were starving by the time we got there.

Had breakfast, and met up with Steve & Sherry. We headed to the mall and leisurely walked around. They had a Women's Gap......i was in heaven. Daniel patiently held things while I shopped.

Then we headed to another mall and i freaked out when i saw this!!!!

When we were living in Utah when i was younger, we would go to See's with my mom and i always remember playing on their black & white checkered tile and getting a piece of candy. Of course.....we took full advantage of the opportunity that was before us :)

We had great Italian for dinner, and then tried to squeeze in some good couple pics around our hotel lobby...




After dinner, the 4 of us walked along the beach. It was so beautiful and nice just to relax...




After our walk we headed to bed. we were all so exhausted!!!  and we had to get ready to go home the next day :(

This is the only picture i have of our last day.

I had to take this pic because it reminded me of a song my mom played (on our record player) when we were kids. anyone know "the little white duck," by Burl Ives?  it's a classic.


THANK YOU Steve & Sherry for making this trip not only possible, but wonderful!!!!! I loved my first trip to Hawaii (and can't wait to go back!)! Thank you for all the time you put into planning this trip and making it a great success! We love you!


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  1. Grant loves "Little White Duck". It's one of those songs that gets stuck in your head...
    Cute pics!