Friday, June 11, 2010

need your thoughts

Ok all my fellow runners, I want your thoughts!!!

(Hawaii posts to be resumed shortly!)

My SILhad these shoes on our Hawaii trip, and i'm thinking about them for running.

has anyone used these for running indoors/outdoors???? my goal is to run outdoors more, which is when i would wear these.

If you run in them, know someone who has run in them, or have just heard stuff on the street about them, I'm begging for you to pass it on!!!

I have to review products a million times before buying them; and yes, it has crossed over into obsessive :)

thanks ya'll!!



  1. I don't know much about these. I saw a girl wearing them when I ran the BolderBoulder. The girl in the shoe store who sold Matt his running shoes was wearing them & said she used them to run in. that's all I know which is zero'ly helpful! :)

    I'm curious though & may look some stuff up. You should blog about your findings & what you decide. I'm curious!

    They're pretty crazy looking if you ask me. Maybe I'm getting old! :) haha!

  2. They look uncomfortable to me, I would not want anything in between my toes