Friday, June 4, 2010

Kauai Day 1 (hawaii day 4)

Our first full day in Kauai was Sunday. I chose to fully honor the sabbath by not running. i don't think it's wrong to run on Sundays, I just needed a good excuse not to run and to sound holy :) ha!!
We spent the morning walking around since when we arrived the night before it was dark. here's some random:

There are chickens and roosters everywhere!!!!!!

i have no idea what these are, but i liked them.


(sidenote, i have this color thing on my camera which highlights the green and yellow, and i think it's cool)

see the canoe on the left??

if you know me at all, i like feet pictures. particularly of MY feet :)

This is pretty much what Daniel did all the time while I soaked up the sun.

this pic is for SARAH!!!!!!!!

I'm ALWAYS getting lectures from Sarah about grass fed cows, hormone free chicken, flax seed, organic fruits, cage free eggs.....i could go on and on.
BUT this hamburger was very tasty and not greasy!! yum!

sidenote-i did just buy the hormone free, veggie fed chicken. i'll let you know how it tastes, because i almost had a stroke right there in the produce section when i saw the price $!!!

Daniel holding baby J!

It was pretty much a lazy day. We walked around, went to the beach, and ate. just another day in Hawaii....  :)



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  1. Yay for grass fed beef! I just bought some at the store, I have never had it at a restaurant. Yum!