Monday, June 14, 2010

Kauai Day 5 (hawaii day 8)

I feel like i have so much to blog about!! I want to share with you about my weekend - we just got back from Dallas, but want to keep sharing the Hawaii trip too. I really just need a week off to catch up on life, ha!

SO, it's Thursday in Hawaii, and me, Daniel, Mel, Jared, and Steve are hiking the Na Pali Coast along the island of Kauai. Now, when Daniel and i were dating i was always worried about the day we would hike together. Daniel loves hiking, the outdoors, and everything that goes along with it. I enjoy a good walk, but hiking up a huge mountain for a couple of days is not what gets my engine going, ya know?

So i kept asking Daniel if this hike was intense (it was only about 4 hours) or not. because i was worried that while i consider myself in ok shape, i'm not used to the rigor of hiking. Daniel told me over and over that it's uphill for the first few minutes, then "levels off." ummmmmmmmm NO!!!!! the hike was a mixture of rocky uphill/downhill climbing. Let's just say i'm glad i've been working out, or the day could've looked differently!!!

i tried to capture how rocky the actual hike was.

truth be told, I did LOVE the first part of the hike. it was so beautiful and filled with tons of great views of the coast. i was also sweating like none other!!! i kept asking if the others were dripping with sweat, and they were like "no." hahahahahah!


how cute is Steve??

loved this view!!

Jurassic Park was filmed on Kauai and i was convinced it had to be along this coast line. and yes, i hummed the theme song numerous times to Daniel :)

look at the waves just crashing on the rocks!!

We hiked for about an hour and a half to this secluded beach! the water was warm and i didn't want to leave!

We ate lunch then headed back to civilization. now, at this point my toes had started hurting from the strap on my chaco. and it started pouring rain on the way back, making everything muddy and slick. it was difficult.

after getting back and bandaging my toes....did i mention there was blood? we drove back, washed up, and headed to dinner! and we were hungry!!

baby J:

after dinner, the moon was beautiful! i tried to capture it on camera, but this is what i got....

even though the hike was hard at times, it was a great day, that i thoroughly enjoyed!!

sidenote: yesterday was our 1 year engagement anniversary!! which i totally want to blog about and we'll see when i get the time for that, ha!

hope ya'lls weekend was fun!

love laura

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  1. *I* was soaked w/ sweat, too; it was HUMID on that hike. That's so funny that you were worried about it (I mean, not funny ... but ... um ... ironic?); I'm still in the huffing-and-puffing-and-blowing-down-houses stage with running more than a minute or two at a stretch, and I'd pretty much rather die than have people I know WITNESS my attempts to do so, but hiking holds no terrors for me. Well, except for falling to my death off one of the many cliffs... but that's all. I'm so sorry your toes got hurt!