Monday, June 7, 2010

Kauai Day 3 (hawaii day 6)

Ok, so i know i've said a lot of things are my favorites on this trip. but a lot of them were!! Looking back there were several things we did that i call my favorite, because i enjoyed them the most. maybe i should call them my most enjoyable moments instead. follow up on the mystery fruit i asked everyone about in the last post. I thought the flower/plant thing hanging down from the bananas was a separate fruit. after discussing it with daniel, he pointed out that they were prob bananas with a fruit on the tree. so, there we go. thanks for helping me out though!!

It was Tuesday, and Daniel and I had a rental car for the day. The plan was for him to drive me around the coast, and then we would eat dinner at a fish restauraunt in town.

So we headed north. one thing i loved is that we didn't have a plan or a schedule. other than our dinner reservations, we were free to do what we wanted. i wish we did this more often.

i also have issues opening my eyes fully in pictures. i have to really concentrate. it didn't happen in this pic....

please note these super cute grey capri's i'm wearing. i found them in a little boutique in Maui and once i bought them i RARELY took them off! they were super comfy and i wore them all the time. in fact, i wore them again yesterday........

so i know my native hawaiian friends may be offended by this but....i kept referring to the "mainland" as the States. Because there are so many different cultures there (which I LOVE!!) i kept forgetting i was in the States. It didn't feel like the States at all, in a good way. it made me miss living overseas a lot!


We shopped at a couple cute little boutiques and health food stores. I loved that they had so many gluten free, sugar free, all natural food products in one place. should i start packing now?? :)

So I also found this organic cotton onesie and almost bought it. Daniel seriously asked me if i was pregnant. (i'm not, ha!) but the onesie is so cute!!!!!

Ok, so we went to Wahoo's for dinner, and it was probably the best meal we had the whole time we were there.

isn't he cute??

P.S. it's hot here in OK. the heat index was over 100 today. gross. give me an ice storm any day. Moving to Hawaii is looking pretty appealing...  :)



  1. Loving all the Hawaii pictures! :) You are too cute & it looks like you guys had a blast!

    It's supposed to get into the low 80's today in Wyoming! I am beyond ecstatic! I've been ready for this for months!

  2. 1. just realized your background is Sooner red/crimson whatever they call it
    2. I'm living through your Hawaii posts. What an awesome trip and fun in-laws!
    3. So glad you've played laddergolf/ball, too! I think it's so fun and not sure why it's considered WT...