Monday, June 28, 2010

weekend rewind

This was the "i'm going to rest if it kills me" - weekend. or at least it was supposed to be. i did rest. but i miss the winter months of ice storms and being couped up cuddled in a blanket watching movies and eating cake, bc it's too cold to go anywhere.

give me cold weather ANY day :)

Friday, was week 2 day 1 of training.....aka strength training day. it was really fun to go the gym and walk right past the treadmills. course it was friday, i could've had my pick of 'em.

We hit those weights HARD. my obliques feel severely bruised bc of the beating i gave them fri night. i love being sore! i love being in so much pain it hurts to touch my toes!!!! fun times, i tell ya.....

Then we scurried home and made peanut crusted chicken and rice. it was a great blend of flavors and pretty easy to make. sorry no pics :( and i didn't put the oven on 475 like the recipe said, because that high of temp scares me. so i prefer to cook longer and lower :)

Saturday we hit the road and ran 3 miles....outside. outside. luckily the temps weren't in the 90's yet, so it was pretty good. it was the first time to run that far outside since my 5k- 2 months ago.

The day was then spent lounging around and watching tv, until our date that night.

(ignore the spot on my dress, think my lens might be dirty)


Daniel and I went to Bourbon Street Cafe, downtown OKC.

The atmosphere was fun and the food was delish!!

my grilled mahi mahi, red beans & rice, and veggies. SO yum!

Daniel's etouffee:

We had some time to kill before the movies started, so we walked around their riverwalk.

(sidenote, when Daniel asked me to go on a date with him, he asked if i would go to a "picture show" with CUTE is he?!?!!?)


funny story, one of the little river boats went by us while we were sitting on a bench and made us a part of the show. the drive yelled out and talked to us about our marriage and stuff, and one lady videotaped it. hahah!!!

it was bright and windy..

I LOVE going to the movies.... LOVE. l.o.v.e

middle row, middle seat, and a coke in my hand= 1 happy Laura!!

We saw it in 3D!!! it wasn't the best of the toy story's, but def a good watch!

Today, was spent at church, taking a walk, and i made a goulash for the first time. totally a work in progress.......

p.s. i forgot to write about Father's Day!


Went to church, and then to Marie Callender's to meet up with Daniel's fam.....

here are all the boys!

that was our weekend!!! hope everyone found some time to rest too!!


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