Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!

Ok, so I wasn't blogging when i got engaged last year..but who doesn't love a good story?

So here is the very shortened version of how we became Mr. & Mrs :)

Daniel & I met overseas. we actually flew over together to join some mutual friends in their work. We got along instantly. Our personalities naturally gravitated towards each other. For a few months though, neither of us were really looking at the other one in a more than friend way. we just enjoyed the friendship.

sidenote #1: i started praying for my future spouse in jr high/high school,  and always asked that we would have a good friendship for our foundation.

sidenote #2: our mutual friends suggested WAY before we even started dating or looking at each other, that we (and others) make a non-negotiables list. The list could be anything we wanted.

My list:

Strong Sp leader (able to lead me and potential Fam)
Approved by my parents
Love for overseas
Leader in local church (doesn’t have to be a pastor, but just can’t show up on Sun mornings and that’s it)
Keeps his mind/eyes/ears/speech pure
Respectful of women
Not addicted to smoking/alcohol
Honest/has integrity
Not a work-a-holic, but hard worker
Daniel's was shorter and basically said she had to be attractive, want children, and strong believer.
SO i'll skip all the predating drama "does he like me, what does this mean?" you know all the questions that we girls OVERanalyze!!! I was pretty guarded bc i wasn't sure how Daniel felt about me, or the timing of a possible relationship.
Our dating story alone could write its own book  :)
We started dating in October of 2008.
We were long distance from Feb -July 2009. long distance=no fun for Laura or Daniel.
June 12th, Daniel flew to my city. At this point, we both knew we were getting married, but were careful about the amount and depth we talked about it. I didn't want to have my wedding planned before there was a ring.
I wanted to start all of that process when i had the rock on my finger:)
SO, Daniel flies to see me for a week. It was a Friday. It was a beautiful sunny day.
We hung out that afternoon, riding bikes, and just enjoying being together. We were going to go on a date that night.
me waiting to be picked up...
Where i lived  left very few options for a romantical date type atmosphere. We went to a nice hotel in town and had their buffet. they had real ice cream and cheese, what more could you want??
We had a great dinner, and then we went to a park....aka construction zone.  Daniel had picked out the spot he wanted to propose in December. It is now June, and they are doing construction. Huge trucks, lots of people playing music.....everything opposite of romantical.

this is me before, just goofing around, but look at the view behind me!!!!

We were able to go to the edge of the park by the river and find a nice secluded spot. I had a feeling this was it!!
Daniel set up a blanket for us to sit on while i peed. yes, i had to pee really bad. and there aren't restrooms, so I squatted. it's the way of life. I had tissues and antibacterial, bc this is a normal thing where i lived.
So I'm peeing while Daniel sets the mood.
We sit on the blanket and Daniel shows me a book he had made for me.
Daniel wrote in the book about how we met, fun memories we had together, and how we fell in love. He also illustrated each page....the boys got talent.
Well, the last page is a drawing of a ring. so i'm thinking "omg omg omg omg" 
When Daniel got done reading the book to me, showing me the ring on the last page, he then closes the book and talks for about 10 minutes about everything he loves about me.
now i'm thinking "he's not going to propose tonight, what is going on, get to the point!?"
FINALLY, Daniel asks me in the local language if i'll marry him. then in english he asked me to take his name, to be his wife, and will i marry him, and slips the ring on my finger!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now i'm not usually an emotional person, but i attacked Daniel and cried uncontrollably, laughing, crying, staring at the ring, and mmmmmm there might've been a kiss or two :)
(this was the next day bc it was too dark to take pics)

We both called our parents and shared the news! actually Sarah called me right after it happened (her having no clue what's going on) to tell me about her new laptop. let's just say I stole her thunder with my news. ha!

sidenote #3: We both met each other's families when we flew back to the States. Daniel asked my dad for permission 2 weeks before proposing over the phone.

that my friends, is how we became Mr. & Mrs.   :)



  1. I love remembering our story again and again baby. That was perfect!

  2. You were on my mind tonight. I just got home from a sweet, genuine, joy filled wedding and it made me think of y'all's incredibly meaningful wedding! And...I also got the sweetest card in the mail from you today! Thank you for your thoughtfulness!
    During a wedding ceremony I always pray that God will help them to remember how they felt about each other at that very moment, on their wedding day. I love how crazy you are about Daniel EvERY day

  3. and then you called me and i cried like a baby. I was so excited for yall. Still am. I love you both and I love how yall are together. joy to my heart!

  4. So encouraging to read your 'no compromise' list and God's provision. Oh it is so tempting some days to just give in a little on that list because I feel like God isn't working fast enough. Your story is a testimony to God's goodness and your faithfulness to wait. What an Awesome God we have! :) Thanks for sharing.